<xxx> yyy: patches above a certain line length (20 lines, IIRC) in gnu emacs or in elpa.gnu.org files need to be both licensed under GPL and assigned to the FSF
<xxx> which requires assignment of copyright to the linux foundation, in that case
<xxx> for various social and technical reasons becoming an emacs contributor is arguably harder than it should be, which is one reason why so much stuff is outside the distribution on github and emacswiki and other places
<xxx> emacs-devel@gnu.org is also a completely shitty place, and they need to approve your patches.
<yyy> what do you mean shitty place ?
<xxx> yyy: by "shitty place" I mean that many of the people with authority enjoy suffering and inconvenience and consider it a good thing that becoming a contributor is inconvenient
<xxx> a lot of patches/features are rejected for hostile reasons
<xxx> or delayed in ways that make the contributor go away

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