A new genre of porn designed to arouse women has taken off in the past few years. These videos focus on sex and relationships from the woman's perspective by allowing them to experience a 'pseudo-romance' to help them alleviate everyday stress.

Hostess clubs, or "kyabakura" in Japan are a type of bar where guys go to drink and sit with pretty girls for a fee. Hostesses light cigarettes, pour drinks, and offer flirtatious conversation to entertain their customers. The prices range from reasonable to outrageous sums of money depending on where you go. We followed Kanae Murakami, a 20-year-old hostess who works in the upscale Ginza district of Tokyo.

We Are Out! is a series in which samurai photographer Keichii Nitta cracks open Japan's taboo on open homosexuality, by delving into the intimate lives of gay and lesbian couples.
In Part 4, Nitta visits Ai and Fumi, two lesbians who fell for each other after being friends for over a year. Apparently both their parents are okay with them being a couple, which they appreciate and helps maintain their healthy relationship.

They're not gay or queer... then what is OTOKONOKO?! There is a culture that straight boys dressing up like girls in Japan. VICE features the new cross dressing culture of the internet generation. The girl you hit on the other day could be OTOKONOKO!

The term "jukujo" refers to the mature Japanese woman, or MILF. These women take advantage of their mature looks to cater to its underground fetish in the Japanese porn industry. We sat down with veteran Jukujo porn star Chisato Shoda to talk about her outlook on life and what is in store for her in the future.

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