amd63 20.12.2012 15:16

"This is because sbcl, gentoo-init, asdf, asdf-binary-locations in the main tree are inconsistent (versions which really work can be installed from the lisp overlay). The set of developers in the common-lisp herd is nearly empty, and the situation will not improve."

amd63 27.11.2012 00:22

http://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=y+%... не умеет построить график под углом в 45 градусов.
Интересно, сумеет ли https://github.com/cschwan/sage-on-gento... построить такой график
// emerge sage → Emerging (1 of 154) dev-lisp/asdf-1.89

Do you really want to delete ?