dorfe 23.01.2012 03:44

Таки досмотрел второй сезон. Первый эпизод был уг, второй получше, и на третьём они наконец достигли качества первого сезона — абсолютный вин! Надеюсь, дальше будет не хуже -_-
"The first foreign premiere of the second season was on in Channel One (Russia) just a day later, on 2 January 2012. It is scheduled to premiere on PBS in America on 6 May 2012."
"The second series, also with commentaries, is to be released on Region 2 DVD on 23 January 2012 as well as including a documentary called "Sherlock Uncovered"."
"A third series has been commissioned and will reportedly air in 2013."

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