Elena 23.05.2011 09:10 Vacuum

тот чувак из Албании беспощаден в желании помочь. теперь он рассмотрел Lokalize со всех сторон и выдвинул ряд предложений. читаю и умиляюсь:
The user corrects the translation and saves it. Then he clicks the
button or menu item 'Apply' (which formats the edited PO file and
saves it to the right place) and restarts the application with the
wrong translation in order to check how the new translation looks.
He may decide to keep the modified translation, or to revert back
to the previous one, by clicking the menu item 'Revert'.

The user can make several corrections/improvements like this, in
several applications. Then he decides to share these improvements
with the others. At this point he can select the menu 'Submit',
which will find out all the modifications made (since the last
time that the suggestions were sent) and send them in a proper
format to the translation team. They may be sent by email (in the
ediff format) or by submitting them to some kind of web service.

надо его в личкрафты с-агитировать. а что — QtLinguist не такой замороченный, да и албанская локализация добавит лулзов. выйдет какой-нить Devel-Digest -10 "LeechCraft — feel free to use in Albanian".

Do you really want to delete ?