eurekafag 25.02.2012 10:33 Home
step 1: determine cost of of making average platinum album (well below 1 million)

step 2: determine what platinum means ( really i don't know i think its 1 million copies)

step 3: learn to multiply

step 4: realize that the average full cd (what we usually want unless you are the lady gaga/beyonce type) is about 17.99 at say best buy.

step 5: use what you learned in step three to multiply 17.99 by 1 million.

step 6: facepalm yourself for me

Not to mention that the labels literally get over 95% of that cash in the first place. Most non-pop artists could make just as much money giving their albums away if they are under the rule of a major label like any of those mentioned in the article.

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