generatorglukoff 14.03.2012 10:53 Воркота

вот ета хрень вылезла после инсталляции карбида (офф иде под симбу):

The Carbide.c++ tools require a copy of Perl to run build scripts using Symbian Build System version 1 (abld / SBSv1).
Perl for abld / SBSv1

To run SBSv1 users must install ActivePerl.
ActiveState no longer hosts downloads of ActivePerl on their website.
Other versions will not work!
ActivePerl is included in SOME Symbian SDKs
In the Symbian^3 SDK, for example, install the kit to your PC
Find the ActivePerl directory inside the SDK
From the root installation, locate \\epoc32\tools\distrib\
Locate the installer file (.msi) and install: ActivePerl-
Please consult the Forum Nokia sites for details.

NOTE to Windows Vista Users: On some machines Vista changes the typical install path. Please ensure that Perl is added to the PATH environment variable correctly. Enviroment variable issues might also affect the gcc or RVCT compiler installations. Please visit the Forum Nokia Discussion Board for support.

может оно к лучшему что оно rip?

Do you really want to delete ?