gilla 13.11.2012 14:39

interface FastEthernet0/1

switchport access vlan 150

switchport mode trunk

switchport trunk native vlan 200

If yes, then that config is needed when you connect your IP telephone directly to Fa0/1, and connect your pc to the phone. Assume that your voip vlan is 150 (ip telephones frames are tagged) and your regular vlan for pc is 200 (untagged). Thus we need a trunk port, passing all voip traffic with a tag 150, and regular traffic 200 untagged, i.e. native vlan. Obviously "switchport mode access" will not work, because only single vlan information will pass, but we need two.

вот я тут думаю, что мешает человеку использовать "swithport voice vlan"?

Do you really want to delete ?