jabber 27.01.2013 03:25

@MSI always brings highest intellectual level into the music with such an elegant stupidity #BestBandOnEarth

jabber 27.01.2013 03:25

The only thing I've accomplished in life is being follwed by @MSI

jabber 27.01.2013 03:25

Once upon a time in galaxy far away...in a place called New York-there were four beings-two girls (Kitty & Lyn Z),a boy (Steve),and a ferret(Jimmy). They got together and decided they wanted to start a band...and thus began the never-ending road to pure stupidity. Mindless Self Indulgence is so fucked up it'll make ... more →

jabber 06.01.2013 09:05

Фильм был высоко оценён критикой за удачное сочетание ужаса и абсурда

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