mgfk 04.05.2012 01:04 Miranda

so u can read the minds of the enemy team then since when i see ursa i think jungle not lvl 1 fing roshan so u make it impossible to lane against lets just leave it so the games decided before it makes it to the 5 min mark then cuz that's totally consider a game and my Ass is the next worlds Hitler its not fair that they can just go there and u have to make a guess if its going to happen or not why not just end the game right there and then and save some people some fucking time and say i fucking QQ more cuz when someone brings up a problem that's the only fucking response you can fucking give spawn timer at 15 or 10 would be fair at least some people get to fucking play and not fucking sit there watching as the fuck the entire enjoyment of the game up games are meant to not be serious less your in a real tournament if they have to be serious all the goddamn time then that's a fucking sport if im the only one who can realize that then gj on being fucking brain washed to the point they hand u bullshit and call it a game and u accept it how about trying to change something that's not fucking cool for once less u like being a useless fuck.

Do you really want to delete ?