odin 13.02.2012 15:42

Samsara Blues Experiment сегодня доставляет http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNGhOfRbl...

odin 07.02.2012 10:23

If I was asked to define stoner rock with just one album, I think it would have to be ‘Jerusalem’ by Sleep as that captures every element that you would associate with the scene and the phrase!

Ben Ward http://ravishinggrimness.blogspot.com/20...

охуеньчик, прямо мои мысли прочитал

odin 23.10.2011 08:50

ELECTRIC WIZARD have begun work on the follow-up to last years evil opus 'Black Masses'.
Material has been demoed at a secret location and was so 'malevolent and foreboding' that 2 tracks will see the light of day as a 7" EP scheduled for release at the forthcoming LONDON FORUM show on March 31st.

odin 23.10.2011 07:48

Orange Goblin — хуйня, почему его везде форсят?

Do you really want to delete ?

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