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My first thoughts on Apple's 6th iPhone, aptly named "iPhone 5".

4" screen — Samsung stole this from them 18 months ago in the Galaxy S2. When the iPhone 6 finally has an HD screen, Samsung will have stolen that 10 months ago in the Galaxy Nexus.

4G LTE — A bunch of companies will be in trouble for this.

Five rows of icons — That is mind-blowing. Never seen it before.

Photo sharing — You know this feature, it's in all of those Galaxy S3 commercials on TV right now.

Panorama photos — Google/Samsung is in trouble again, as that's been in my phone for nearly a year now.

Native turn-by-turn navigation — In Android for about three years now.

Facetime over cellular — Google Talk has been available over cellular for a few years now, though it seems that some carriers still might not allow Facetime. That's odd.

Smaller connector — Finally, they'll have the same connector as (literally) every other phone on the planet: Micro USB! About time they got on board to keep things consistent. Yay! Wait, what? It's not that? They created some new proprietary connector so that everyone needs to buy special adaptors? Awesome.

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