RainerGomes 02.12.2012 16:22

кроме http://oboobs.ru/ существует еще и http://obutts.ru/

RainerGomes 10.11.2012 06:05

... his phone, which gives him access to Second Life. There, Jim has created an avatar, a buff and handsome young man named Rolo. As Rolo, Pete has courted a female avatar named Jade, a slip of a girl, a pixie with short, spiky blonde hair. As Rolo, he “married” Jade in an elaborate Second Life ceremony more than a ... more →

RainerGomes 08.11.2012 20:08

These days, when people talk about robots as alive enough for specific purposes, they are not trying to settle abstract questions. They are being pragmatic: different robots can be considered on a case-by-case and context-by-context basis. (Is it alive enough to be a friend, a babysitter, or a companion for your ... more →

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