ruda 25.07.2012 07:50 zshellB97A96BC

обалденная песенка CocoRosie — Japan. палите текст!!1

Life is like a rollercoaster
It does flips and throws you over
Board your ship that's going nowhere
If you stop, you'll end up somewhere

Now everybody wants to go to California
To live their life on a sunny day
Dreaming of someone else's kids and wife
But they'll be bringing you the same old strife

Everyone wants to go to Jamaica
Queens in drag will surely fake you
Take you home, and then they'll rape you
But you like it, so say 'thank you'

Everyone wants to go to Iraq
But once they go, they don't come back
Bringing peanut butter jelly and other snacks
We might have our freedom, but we're still on crack

Do you really want to delete ?