Cthulhu 19.11.2011 12:57 Miranda

Блог Брюса Шнайера тут принес ссылку на интересную статью.

> We report a novel attack on two CAPTCHAs that have been
> widely deployed on the Internet, one being Google's home design
> and the other acquired by Google (i.e. reCAPTCHA). With a
> minor change, our attack program also works well on the latest
> ReCAPTCHA version, which uses a new defence mechanism that
> was unknown to us when we designed our attack. This suggests
> that our attack works in a fundamental level. Our attack appears
> to be applicable to a whole family of text CAPTCHAs that build
> on top of the popular segmentation-resistant mechanism of "crowding character together" for security.

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