1. borman 11.02.2012 21:38

Это уже просто скучно...

2. dorfeborman /1 11.02.2012 22:55

Да ладно, мне вот интересно было через 5 лет ещё раз перечитать :) Собственно, случайно наткнулся когда искал http://www.stlport.org/resources/Stepano... а именно: "Question:
What is the origin of STL? Has STL been conceived to be what it is now, that is "the" C++ Standard Library, or does it come from some other project? Could you tell us a history of STL?

In 1976, still back in the USSR, I got a very serious case of food poisoning from eating raw fish. While in the hospital, in the state of delirium, I suddenly realized that the ability to add numbers in parallel depends on the fact that addition is associative. (So, putting it simply, STL is the result of a bacterial infection.)"

3. bormandorfe /2 12.02.2012 04:17

Впервые эту байку я слышал от препода в универе, который читал курс по плюсам :)

4. dorfeborman /3 12.02.2012 18:39

ну это не байка же

Do you really want to delete ?