eurekafag 13.05.2012 11:04 Home

Просто вин. В чистой его форме.

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1. ojab 13.05.2012 11:11 YGG!

хуйня какая-то

2. rhinze 13.05.2012 11:23

get a life

3. eurekafagrhinze /2 13.05.2012 11:24 Home

Why should I need one?

4. mgfk 13.05.2012 11:39 Miranda

В чем суть этих шл^W милейших тяночек? Не первый раз вижу подобную хуйню, это такие атеншнвхоры?

5. ojabmgfk /4 13.05.2012 11:41 YGG!

прозреваю контекстную рекламу. У меня там какие-то геепидоры.

6. eurekafagmgfk /4 13.05.2012 11:42 Home

Pointless reviews. Says it all.

7. mgfkojab /5 13.05.2012 11:42 Miranda

> Can you stop popping up in my sidebar? No one cares about your fucking bullshitty shit videos. How pathetic is your shitty ass miserable life that you crave attention so horrendously that you post utter garbage all over youtube making sure that half of your head is in the shot and thumbnail to allow for your incredibly average boobs to take up most of the frame. Does this make you feel like a better person? To have the average braindead youtuber type "boooobs lol XD!!" on your videos? You fetus.

8. eurekafagmgfk /7 13.05.2012 11:54 Home

Ima anoos of fetoos.

9. nextus 13.05.2012 12:16 idea

узнал всех игорей. Я норм?

10. eurekafagnextus /9 13.05.2012 12:17 Home


Do you really want to delete ?