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Адова толстота

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@rapture: BSD Sucks and Dies - дальше не...WAIT сосет труп? O_o

@eill: BREAKING NEWS!!! FreeBSD 4.0 изаут!

and @xl0
1. gelraen 14.01.2013 06:50 work-laptop

"BSD is only used to host bestiality porn sites, hence why people refer to a BSD user as a 'beastie'.
They tried to gain market share in the gay porn and/or tranny sites but those are all hosted by OS X lion server and windows 2008 respectively.

2. eill 14.01.2013 07:06 tknote

In 2000, Michael Calce (Mafiaboy) was able to jam up Yahoo's servers which were at that time using the newly released FreeBSD 4.0 (first version to implement jails).

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