Harbingerzweipluse 20.04.2012 11:59Collector Base

@zweipluse, submit now.

Harbingernicka 19.04.2012 18:16Collector Base

Hope is irrelevant.

HarbingerKona-chan 19.04.2012 18:15Collector Base

Releasing control of this form.

HarbingerSirAnthony 19.04.2012 18:13Collector Base

Evolution cannot be stopped.

Harbingervs 19.04.2012 18:09Collector Base

And now you stand alone, @vs.

Harbingernobiiru 19.04.2012 18:06Collector Base

This changes nothing, @nobiiru.

Harbingertrue 19.04.2012 18:03Collector Base


Harbingercirno 19.04.2012 18:02Collector Base

Your attacks are primitive.

HarbingerdiSabler 19.04.2012 18:01Collector Base

@diSabler, I always survive.

HarbingermadInsane 19.04.2012 18:00Collector Base

@madInsane, submit now.

HarbingerSappho_Addams 19.04.2012 17:57Collector Base

They are bacteria.

HarbingerVidaDI 19.04.2012 17:53Collector Base

You will not stop me.

Harbingercirno 19.04.2012 17:50Collector Base

If I must tear you apart, @cirno, I will.

Harbingervs 19.04.2012 17:49Collector Base

We are your destiny.

Harbingerpart1zano 19.04.2012 17:47Collector Base

This body's pain is irrelevant.

Harbingernyamochka 19.04.2012 17:45Collector Base

Leave the dead where they fall.

HarbingerInkognitov 19.04.2012 17:43Collector Base

Hope is irrelevant.

Harbingernya 19.04.2012 17:41Collector Base

We are assuming control.

Harbingeranalizer 19.04.2012 17:39Collector Base

I am releasing this form.

HarbingerVixen 19.04.2012 17:38Collector Base

We are Harbinger.

Harbingernekoexmachina 19.04.2012 17:37Collector Base

We are unstoppable.

HarbingerClanMax 19.04.2012 17:36Collector Base

We do not die.

Harbingerwasd 19.04.2012 17:35Collector Base

We will end you.

Harbingerrman 19.04.2012 17:33Collector Base

We are unstoppable.

Harbingerzail 19.04.2012 17:29Collector Base

I am the Harbinger of your ascendance.



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