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Imagine a world, in which everyone treats anyone nicely, no foul word is ever uttered, office bickering is nonexistent, and your boss invites the office crowd regularly to self-cooked dinners where you can chat about latest interior design styles. Everything is neat, pleasant — well, just nice. In other words: you are in hell. After being dropped off in the middle of nowhere, mid-thirties Andreas (Trond Fausa Aurvaag) starts a new job as a book-keeper in a small, clean city. From the beginning he feels foreign in this proper, impersonal world of superficial kindness, surrounded by pleasant but lifeless interior architecture and likewise colleagues. Food tastes of nothing, drinks don't get you drunk, no children anywhere; after initial steps of fitting in, Andreas searches for ways to escape the bland new world. He doesn't know where he came from anymore, but still remembers rich tastes, true feelings — anything beyond the non-committal flatline life he's leading now. THE BOTHERSOME MAN resonates ideas of Huxley and Kafka, but here the cruelty is the omnipresent noncommittal neatness. Unlike PLEASANTVILLE this is not about narrow-minded bigotry, more a fable of our urban free-world civilisation of fitting in. It mostly reminds one of the ingenious FIGHT CLUB scene, in which Edward Norton walks through a mock-IKEA catalogue. Spiced with macabre humour, this Scandinavian laconic tale convinces on every level: story, characters, and relevance. A true screen gem. 8/10

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2. jabber238328 /1 02.01.2013 21:58 Azoth

иди читай кинопоиск с пидорашками да

3. 238328jabber /2 02.01.2013 22:06

мудак штоле? С чего ты взял что я читаю кинопоиск //пп туп

4. jabber238328 /3 02.01.2013 22:07 Azoth

хз чего ты имдб неосилил

5. 238328jabber /4 02.01.2013 22:12

мне не нужен ни тот, ни другой, я не смотрю кино

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7. jabber238328 /5 03.01.2013 13:50 Azoth

ппц ты и не жил выходит

8. 238328jabber /7 03.01.2013 13:50 35602362061357216732570138

я смотрел классику на кассетах //нет на самом деле

9. jabber238328 /8 03.01.2013 14:13 Azoth

а я бдрипы кассет

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