johan 05.12.2012 06:15 Dům

Вот да. Это в полной мере отражает.

1. RainerGomes 05.12.2012 06:16 37572732681354687679227133

они санта-клауса только в футураме видели

2. johanRainerGomes /1 05.12.2012 06:17 Dům

Не смотрел футураму => не понял камента.

3. RainerGomesjohan /2 05.12.2012 06:23 37572732681354687679227133

дуе ьу пщщпду ше ащк нщг
He is a four tonne robot ... Due to a programming error, his standards were set way too high, and Santa Bot invariably judges everyone naughty ... It's said if someone is on the naughty list, and Robot Santa finds him or her, he will chop his or her head off and stuff his or her neck holes with toys from his sack of horrors. Usually though, he kills them using a variety of X-mas-themed murder devices and heavy ordnance.

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