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В GNU less есть поддержка ctags.

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2. lexszeroElemir /1 06.12.2012 07:47 nyapad

-ttag or --tag=tag
The -t option, followed immediately by a TAG, will edit the
file containing that tag. For this to work, tag information
must be available; for example, there may be a file in the
current directory called "tags", which was previously built
by ctags (1) or an equivalent command. If the environment
variable LESSGLOBALTAGS is set, it is taken to be the name of
a command compatible with global (1), and that command is
executed to find the tag. (See http://www.gnu.org/soft‐
ware/global/global.html). The -t option may also be speci‐
fied from within less (using the — command) as a way of exam‐
ining a new file. The command ":t" is equivalent to specify‐
ing -t from within less.

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