nekoexmachina 18.06.2012 12:51

LSD(1) UNIX Programmer's Manual LSD(1)

lsd — turn off your mind, relax, and float downstream

lsd [ -dsS ] brandname user ...

Disturbs the given users according to dosage, set, and setting.
If more than one user is specified, each will be affected by the
others, according to the arguments they give to lsd on their
own terminals or machines. It is recommended that one of the users
in a group specify a dose of 0, and that at least one other user be
experienced in using lsd.

Brandname is usually a blotter pattern, but may be used to specify
a non-blotter form, such as "windowpane" or "pyramid."

There are a number of options, each of which can have a strange and
not completely predictable effect on the users:

-d Dosage. A dosage of 1 to 3 is recommended for first time
users, although strength varies with brandname and storage

-s Set. Recommended values are "calm," "happy," and "groovy."
Sets like "angry," "frustrated," and "bummed" may cause file
system damage, and should be avoided. For these sets, other
utilities are available (see "valium").

-S Setting. Recommended are "familiar," "interesting," and
"comfortable." Hostile and challenging settings are reserved
for experienced users.

/etc/trips is a log of system-wide use of lsd since booting.

When invoked with incorrect arguments, lsd will print out a random,
Unixy-sounding error message and remove this man page. This policy
prevents misuse by undergraduates and fundamentalist Christians.

User state should return to normal in twelve hours or less after
invoking lsd. With extreme parameters, however, this cannot always
be guaranteed.

The output device is assumed to be 80 columns wide.

Recommended by: @lexszero
1. kurkuma 18.06.2012 12:52 _

> turn off your mind

2. nobiiru 18.06.2012 12:53 /airbase

root@vgw:~# lsd
Команда 'lsd' не найдена, возможно вы имели в виду 17
lsd: команда не найдена

3. lexszero 18.06.2012 12:53 work

> turn off your mind

4. kurkumalexszero /3 18.06.2012 12:54 _

быдло же

5. nekoexmachinakurkuma /1 18.06.2012 12:54

Что нашел, то и набросил.

6. nekoexmachinakurkuma /4 18.06.2012 12:54

Я же.

7. nobiiru 18.06.2012 12:54 /airbase

Все верно. В рашке нет ЛСД. Только доб.

8. nekoexmachinanobiiru /7 18.06.2012 12:55

which dob
dob: Command not found.

9. nobiirunekoexmachina /8 18.06.2012 12:55 /airbase

Ну тусипи или еще что то точно есть

10. lexszeronekoexmachina /8 18.06.2012 12:56 work

yaourt -Ss dob первым элементом списка предлагает флешплеер

11. nekoexmachinalexszero /10 18.06.2012 12:57


Do you really want to delete ?