odin 14.08.2012 06:44

Most Android users are insufferable and the worst too. No, you see, it's fine that this phone is ugly and slow, because you can root it and customize it. Don't you want to spend hours customizing your phone? Don't you realize how superior the flexibility of a new ROM is? Don't you know what a ROM is? Aren't you downloading a ROM? Download a ROM and put it on your phone—or just use that iPhone, you troglodyte. You poseur. Meanwhile I'll be over here installing my ROM. Power use. Power user, power using. I've got this thing customized like you wouldn't believe. Don't believe it? Watch me as I'm forced to manually install an app so I can get text notifications that are actually visible outside of the notification bar. It doesn't matter that the keyboard my phone came with is this bad. I'm downloading a new one right now. Fragmentation? Fragment me. Fragment me and throw away the key, or whatever.

1. zaez 14.08.2012 16:28

чо, всё правильно написал :)

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