rapture 20.08.2011 14:55 unknown

Is the issue here that FreeBSD is dropping more packes, or just that FreeBSD
is reporting that it drops packets? Historically, we've returned ENOBUFS from
datagram sockets when the interface queue is overflowed, but some other
systems (most noticeably Linux) simply return success when they drop a packet
on an outgoing interface queue. You can debate which is the better model, but
one impact is that sometimes people report errors on FreeBSD that they don't
see on Linux — when actually, the same failure is present, we just allow the
application to learn about it.

1. gelraen 20.08.2011 14:56 imax

там в ответе говорят что линупс правильно отрабатывает select(2) на udp-сокет, а фря всегда сразу говорит "ура, можно флудить"

2. rapturegelraen /1 20.08.2011 14:58 unknown

бля, чо ты контору палишь.

3. gelraenrapture /2 20.08.2011 14:58 imax

прости :(

Do you really want to delete ?