Rayslava 02.09.2011 16:40 AHHE

The kernel properly detects this card as ath5k and it seems to work if I
do not use "mode 11g". However, if I do add "mode 11g" to the ifconfig command
the system will freeze.
Just run:
# ifconfig ath0 media autoselect mediaopt hostap nwid "MY ESSID" chan 9 mode 11g
Do not use the 11g mode (even though the card supports it).


1. NIR 02.09.2011 16:41 jitsi-3p9bk5m

Что такое "mode 11g"?

2. RayslavaNIR /1 02.09.2011 16:42 AHHE

Ты не поверишь...
802.11g =)

Do you really want to delete ?