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So you think you're unprivileged, uhm? Let me tell you a story about privilege so bizarre you'll think I'm lying.

>be me
>mother was a homeless that died at birth. She had no known relatives so I ended up in an orphanage
>be 4 yo, depressive and bullied by other boys
>my only friend was a girl my age
>since other boys bullied me and took all toys, I could only play with my friend with girls toys
>get called fag a lot, too young to know what it means
>began to like girl even more. She seems to feel the same
>time passes

>being an orphanage, strange people come sometimes to take a look at the kids
>this skinny lady with short hair starts showing up
>See her looking at me and my friend playing
>One day, she comes to me and gives me candy
>She asks me if I like playing with dolls.
>Answer yes because never played with anything else
>She smiles and talks about random things
>be one week later
>I notice some of the guys who bully me start talking to my friend.
>jealous as hell
>decide to tell her how I feel
>next day
>muster all courage I can get
>go out to find girl
>turns out she had a medical appointment and is out

>wait by door until she gets back
>door opens
>its the short haired lady
>she smiles at me and asks me to come with her to the director's office
>they tell me I've been adopted and she's my new mom
>they give me my stuff (that was just some clothes, anyway) and we leave
>never see girl again

>New mom takes me to the mall
>We shop for new clothes
>Don't know exactly what's happening, but its good to be treated well
>Go home in new clothes to meet new family
>She introduces me to another lady who looks very ladylike
>"Hi anon, I'm your other mom!"
>wait what?
>They're a lesbian couple, but too young to understand
>They make lots of money so I now have three older siblings — all adopted: one boy, one girl and one who I later found out was a boy also

>Life goes on as normal — or at least, as I tought was normal
>Start going to school.
>Meet other kids, still too depressed to make friends
>After school, moms would take us to "special classes" with them, where we would learn the Wonders of Feminism (not what they called it, I'm being ironic)
>Sometimes they cuddle with me, like a normal family.
>Moms also talk about our future, like how I'll grow up and get a pretty boyfriend sometime
>"B-but, I'm a boy!"
>"I know, I know"
>Time passes
>Start talking to this guy in class
>Become closer
>One day he invites me to go to his home to play videogames
>Be confused as fuck because gay agenda at home
>Go either way
>We play all day and talk about lots of shits
>He and I become true bros

>Thanks to him, my social life improves
>Make other friends, turns out I'm a cool guy
>My first friend is still my BRO, tough
>Be like 12
>We hang out a lot, play videogame and talk about girls
>Find out about pornography
>We get some porn movies and watch them togheter
>"Wow, so that's how its done"
>Gay agenda starts weighting. Feels like doing something wrong, VERY wrong
>Meet girl in class. We start getting close.
>Long story short, we kiss
>Feels good but wrong
>Decide I like girls after all
>Go home to tell moms
>Open the door
>No dinosaur, sorry

>Moms get REALLY upset with me
>Don't know what they did wrong
>Find out they adopted kids to teach them what I called The Way of The Gay
>By the way, my older brother, by this time, was an out-of-the-closet faggot
>My sister was a lesbian butch
>My other brother was starting HRT to become a trans-mega-non-cis-whatever gender
>Anyway, get grounded
>Can't see my friends and my BRO anymore
>Have extra home classes about the superior womyn gender, how men are evil and all that stuff you read on related threads

>As time passes, they seem to accept my cis-heterossexual way of life
>Dinners still awkward
>No one misses a chance to imply I'm wrong
>Three years pass
>Things slowly get better
>Still feel bad at home, so I try to hang out more
>Friends introduces me to weed, alcohol and stuff
>Get on heterossexual rebel phase
>Its one of my moms birthday
>Forgot all about it
>Other mom and siblings made this HUGE feminazi party with mom's gay friends, non-gay friends and stuff like that
>Not invited
>Call entire family other day, furious as hell
>Being educated in feminazi literature, know ALL about oppression
>Accuse them of being oppressive and sexist and stuff
>Make really argumentative speech
>Everyone laughts
>"You are an heterosexual male. You can't be sexist"

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1. kurkuma 08.03.2013 17:17 Gajim

>my only friend was a girl my age
дальше не читал, он уже успешнее многих пстащеров (кроме дедфуда, конечно же)

2. rtsomekurkuma /1 08.03.2013 17:19 home

единственная девочка что у меня была — тоже была в 4 года.

3. ojabrtsome /2 08.03.2013 17:22 YGG!

>единственной девочке что у меня была — тоже было 4 года.

4. rtsomeojab /3 08.03.2013 17:24 home

вообще-то в утверждении присутствует только мой возраст

5. kurkumaojab /3 08.03.2013 17:27 Gajim

моя история

6. 238328 08.03.2013 17:32

тлдр, была бы пикчей

7. ojab238328 /6 08.03.2013 17:38 YGG!

8. kurkumaojab /7 08.03.2013 17:39 Gajim


9. 238328ojab /7 08.03.2013 17:41

> виндовые шрифты

10. kurkuma238328 /9 08.03.2013 17:42 Gajim

и все равно прыщи на каждой букве!

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