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Хрен его знает как я оказался в этом спам-листе, тем не менее, пстач, может тебя заинтересует:

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А че как? Я то сам нет, но у меня есть знакомый из этих.

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From: "Vasiutina Vladyslava" <>
Subject: PHP developer job offer
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2012 10:36:07 +0200

Hello, is looking for a young and highly talented PHP programmer. Aside from talent our ideal candidate is under 27 years of age and is someone who has lots of energy, a positive attitude, and has the ambition to one day run his own company. Programmers who aspire only to have a long fruitful career coding for others need not apply.

The monthly salary will be $1500 plus an attractive equity package. The programmer will have the opportunity to work with a very experienced team (see

About Diarize...
Diarize is a mobile app that looks to get people in the habit of keeping a photo diary of their lives. The core hypothesis is that people don’t capture many of the most valuable moments in their lives (the people and things they see every day) because typically they only take pictures on special occasions or when they want to share photos with others . However Diarize believes it can train people to get in the habit of capturing these “every day” pictures by sending simple push messages at regular intervals. Some of these “alerts” will of course be ignored but the end result will be that people will still end up taking pictures 5-10 pictures per day that they weren’t taking before.

Please respond with your CV if you are interested in this position.

Best regards,
Vlada Vladyslava

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