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The story starts that I was supposed to meet friend 1 at his house when friend 2 arrived at friend 1's house. Well, friend 1 calls and says friend 2 hasn't shown up yet, and being an hour late, he was worried. I just said friend 2 was a always late, and to think nothing of it. Friend 1 calls back 10 minutes later saying he got a call from the police, and that friend 2 was in a serious car wreck and was being taken to the hospital. So friend 1 and I head on to the hospital and find friend 2 in the emergency room. When we arrived, the doctor was happy to see us. Apparently, friend 2 was causing some trouble, as he had hit his head really good and lost all short term memory. Doctor told us to keep talking to him, and to keep him on the bed. Well.. friend 2 asked what had happened to him, so we told him that he had been in a bad car wreck and was at the hospital. About 2 minutes passed, and he asked the same question again.. and then 2 minutes later, again. This was starting to get annoying, and it became clear that this was why the workers were glad to pawn him off on us. So, we decided to have some fun. Sure enough, 2 minutes later, friend 2 asks "Guys, what happened? where am i?" which we replied, "Friend 2, you've been in a serious car wreck and you're paralyzed from the neck down." Friend 2 starts screaming, sad he is paralyzed until he realizes he wasn't. 2 minutes later, "Hey guys, what happened? Where am I?" "You've been in a coma for 2 years. You just came out of it after some guy was caught raping you in the coma ward. They had to stitch your butthole back together. It's in the shape of a star now. " or "You and your boyfriend were in a bad car wreck.." "You've lost your penis..." "Zombie Apocalypse.." "Nuclear Bomb went off.. all doctors killed. I'll be your surgeon today (Snaps gloves)" and many many more... Sadly, the time between his memory wipes started increasing.. and we were asked to leave after we let him pee in some jug. Fun times. Better that he doesn't remember us doing it.

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1. werehuman 24.04.2012 20:14 Psi+

tl;dr расскажи что там

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почитай, я смеялся вголос.

4. werehumanulidtko /3 24.04.2012 20:15 Psi+

у меня три часа ночи и мозг не может в английский

6. ulidtkowerehuman /4 24.04.2012 20:16 уважением

тогда саси

7. DZhon 25.04.2012 06:41

Perfrect story, bro

8. dorfewerehuman /4 26.04.2012 02:16

хуёво быть тобой

9. dorfe 26.04.2012 02:18

Независимо от потери памяти стресс от таких историй был реальный -_-

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