ulidtko 11.10.2012 11:46

Dear All,
A malicious worm spreading through Skype instant messages threatens to take control of the users machine and hold its contents for ransom. Skype is investigating the matter and recommends upgrading Skype versions and making sure the machine's security software is up to date.

We are pushing the latest version of Skype for Windows users from the back end. However, the linux and MAC users are requested to perform this activity manually.

Thanks for your cooperation !!

IT Helpdesk
GlobalLogic Inc. | Innovation by Design

> Windows
> the linux

ппц, что у них с шифтом???

1. Spades 11.10.2012 11:48 Talk.v10422415D14

Джва раза недонажали → джва раза перенажали. Баланс сил воссановлен же.

Do you really want to delete ?