utros 09.11.2011 21:05 pedobook

В общем, я щаслив: нашел себе вроде бы годный шаблонизатор для Lua: https://github.com/nrk/hige (реализация Mustache). Щас буду быстренько изучать и спать :3

dev, lua
1. mva 10.11.2011 05:17 Psi+

I was not really serious about Hige when I started working on it. There are
already much better alternatives for Lua such as Cosmo[3] (whose concept is
similar in many ways to hige) and lua-haml[4], so the main reason which is
driving its development is simply to deepen my knowledge of Lua. Anyway, I
am going to fix the currently broken parts and add the missing features.

[3] http://cosmo.luaforge.net/
[4] http://github.com/norman/lua-haml

2. utrosmva /1 10.11.2011 06:43

Они оба говно. А этот простой и удобный.

Do you really want to delete ?