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В комментах к багу об отсутствии какой-либо поддержки клиентских сертификатов в Konq4:

I think what is needed here is a guy who knows what SSL is and how it works.
And who takes the time to implement it. I feel like talking with some indian
outsourcer here, whom you tell "You have not implemented the SSL protocol, only
a subset", and the answer is a parrot saying "I need more info, I need more

Here's more info:


That's the latest RFC on TLS; you will best use OpenSSL to implement it, which
does most of the stuff for you:


So, I think that's enough of information: The SSL/TLS implementation in KDE 4
implements only a small subset. It needs some serious effort to get it usable.
KDE 3's SSL support was complete and worked. However, that guy apparently
left, and the rest of the KDE team can only do flashy GUI stuff. This is not
flashy GUI stuff, this is serious cryptography stuff. Therefore, nobody cares.

(c) https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=162...

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история дедфуда.

Do you really want to delete ?