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3 balls cascade 100 catches

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= The Basics
The Cascade
Over the top
Under the arm
High throws
Two in one hand (inside, outside & columns)

= Simple Tricks
Juggler's Tennis
Half Shower
Reverse Cascade
Three ball flash
Overhead cascade
Body bounces
The Yo-Yo (Plus Oy-oy & Dummy Elevator)
Crossed arm reverse cascade
Rainbow Cross
Roll along the arm

= Special Throws
Over the top
Under the arm
High throws
Under the leg
Behind the back
Over the shoulder

= Special Catches
Under the arm catch
Under the leg catch
Behind the back catch
Behind the head catch
Shoulder trap
Neck Catch
Foot Catch
Elbow Catch (catch a ball in the crook of the elbow)
Elbow Tip Catch (catch a ball on the tip of your elbow with the arm bent)
Penguin Catch
Fork Catch

= Fork Tricks
Fork/Palm Stack
The Twist
The Toss Up
Two Ball Fork Exchange
Three Ball Fork Exchange
The Flick Off

= Mills Mess & Variations
Mills Mess
Half Mess
Fake Mess
Mills Mess with reverse cascade insert
Mills Mess with shower insert
Mills Mess with spiral add on
Spiral Mess
441 Mess
531 Mess
Three reverses variation
Inverse Mess
Flo's Mess
Mills Simultaneous 1 (Matt's Mess)
Mills Simultaneous 2
Mills Simultaneous 3
Catch & throw under the opposite arm
Boston Mess
Mills Triplex

= Shower & Box Stuff
The Box
Swap Box
441 (Parallel Schizophrenia)
Luke's Shuffle
Statue of Liberty
Pass under shower
Peter's Shuffle
Eriksson's Shuffle
Reverse Spiral
Shower Cascade
Push Box

= Other Fancy Patterns
The Crossunder
The Reverse Crossunder
Relf's Factory
Crossed arm Factory
Crossed arm tennis
Burke's Barrage
Burke's Slam
Burke's Orbit
Rubenstein's Revenge
Mike's Mess
Figure Eight
Double Eight
The Slice
Carry to the opposite elbow
Catch & carry over the top
423 Orbit
The Follow
Two hand weave
Relf's Revenge
Relf's Revenge 6
Relf's Rubensteins
Orinoco Flow
Harrison's Hang
Dave's Dilemma
Reverse Chops
Gandini follow/orbit
Luke's Lobotomy
Half Contortionist
Sandbox Shuffle
Rolf's Wave
Jay's Jumble

= Three in one hand Tricks
Three in one hand (shower, cascade, reverse cascade & columns)
Three in one hand multiplex pattern
Three in one hand clawed multiplex pattern

= Multiplex Tricks
Split Multiplex
Column Multiplex
Orin's Multiplex
Six ball Multiplex Cascade
Georgian Shuffle
Singapore Shuffle

= One Off Moves
Jon Relf Cross
Ball handed behind the back
The Trampoline
The Butterfly Flick
Foot lift

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